Tales Of Love, Lies And Divorce – Chapter 8

It was new day, a Saturday and Saturdays were always lovely. She loved the day specially because it made her unusually excited and happy.

It was probably because on Saturdays, Abdul usually stayed home and spent time with her and the children but he was still asleep…

He’d even missed his prayers and she didn’t want to wake him. He’d been stressed up enough, moreso, he was to have an appointment with one of his clients. He’d told her that.

‘Can you guys tone it down?’ She yelled at her kids who played ball in the yard, they hadn’t wasted any time.

After a healthy breakfast of scones and cereal they rushed to the yard with their ball. They made her so happy as she peered at them from the kitchen window.

‘Watch your Baby sister, Umaima.’ Zainab instructed her eldest daughter. Aisha still needed to be watched closely while the other two were already grown.

She poured a generous amount of brown rich tea into her mug and inhaled the enticing fragrance, she was partial to tea while Abdul preferred coffee.

She gulped the drink without hesitation an it burnt the tip of her tongue, she carefully placed the teapot on the cabinet and reached for her buzzing phone.

The time was almost ten o’clock, she felt glad that Lola had agreed to come spend the night at her place, she could stay as long as she wanted.

A break from that Femi guy was all she needed, she would figure out the rest later.

‘Hello pretty one….’ It was Edima calling.

‘Don’t call me that.’ Edima waved her off. That was what he’d called her… That was what the stranger called her.

‘Is somebody having a bad day? Do you want to talk to mummy about it?’ Zee raiased the glass to her lips.

‘Something like that. Listen, we have a lot to discuss. Something terrible happened to me today, I need to talk to you and the girls.’ She couldn’t wait to see her friends

‘So do we meet today? Can Amaka meet up? This is sudden you know?’ Zainab  knew  whatever Edima had to discuss was important.

‘I shall send her a message. Have you heard from Lola? I tried calling her but she wasn’t picking. Maybe I should stop over at her place…Don’t you think?’ Edima was concerned about her friend.

‘Don’t do that, she’s sleeping soundly in my house. Just come over, I’ll be waiting.’ She smiled and ended the call.

‘Phew!’ She sighed. Shopping was cancelled. Whenever the girls met, they usually spent more than an hour… It was going to be another long day.

‘I guess Abdul would do the shopping’ she gulped the remainder of the tea and closed her eyes. He would help her no doubt, that man loved her beyond what she imagined.

You Are Reading: Love, Lies And Divorce – Episode 8

‘Zee….’ Lola  called out the name in fear.

‘My god! you scared me.’ Zainab turned and saw her friend stand by the kitchen door.

‘Good morning….’ Lola whispered frightfully

Her actions with Abdul the other night dulled her senses. She hadn’t slept through the night. What had she done? What had she brought upon herself?

Here she was standing before the woman who had her best interests at heart, a woman that was more like a mother she never had; her comfort, her shield from marital rainy days and she had betrayed her.

‘I trust you slept well?’ Zainab took in her friends puffy eyes, had she been crying?

‘I am fine Zee…’ Her voice was uncertain, still shaky.

Guilt and grief embraced her at once. Who could she blame? It wall all Femi’s fault; maybe if he hadn’t brought in that woman, maybe if things were done differently she would never have had to sleep over at Zainab’s house and have sex with Abdul.

The memory of the night before was like a blade stuck to her heart. Anytime she tried to shake it off, pretend nothing had happened, call it a mistake, the blade changed its course and hurt her deeply.

She wondered if she could ever be the same again. Could she bring herself to tell Zainab what she had done?

‘Okay, come and have some Tea. Nothing like morning tea to make one feel much better after a hard day.’ Zainab poured the tea and decided to give her friend time. She would come around; eventually, she would talk about it. It was good to be patient.

‘I would be going back to the house after breakfast. I cannot thank you enough for your help.’ her voice was damp with sadness. Her eyes had lost their fire and she knew she had lost herself.

‘What? How can you go back to that house? Why don’t you give it time. When you feel right about it or you wait for Femi to come back to his senses. Maybe then you could follow him…are you even listening to yourself? You are not happy Lola, you are not yourself. Talk to me girl, I’m here for you…’ Zee pulled a stool and sat beside her friend.

She had this strange feeling that Lola wasn’t totally honest, like she was hiding something.

‘No, I don’t want to talk about it… It hurts me too much.’ She couldn’t look her friend in the eye after what she had done.

She had to leave as fast as she could, she’d deliberately stayed back in bed to avoid Abdul but now she hadn’t seen him. This was her chance, she was going to take it.

‘Is that what you really want? Fine but remember you don’t get healed when the pain is bottled up inside. I hate seeing you like this, that guy was never good for you. Promise me you’ll take care of you….’ Zee’s eyes were sympathetic.

‘I promise Zee, I will.’ she stuttered as the familiar masculine scent travelled closer to the kitchen.

‘Do you mind staying over for a date? Edima called and she said it’s important. Why haven’t you returned their calls?’

‘Oh? I cannot stay Zee. I just want some time alone, that would be best for me. I will call them when I get home.’ She forced herself to look up.

You Are Reading: Love, Lies And Divorce – Episode 8

‘He must be awake…’ Zainab  began clearing the table. Her husband was making a call.

‘Yes, I really have to go now. Take care of the kids too.’ She rose abruptly like she’d been cornered by her enemies.

‘Wait, slow down. Why the rush?’ Zainab turned off the tap and observed her friend. Lola  was acting very weird.

‘Goodmorning darling….’ The owner of the baritone strode into the kitchen lazily.

‘Baby, you look awesome.’ Zainab said smiling proudly at her husband.

He bent and took her lips in one swift kiss. ‘Thanks Zee. Lola how was your night?’ His gaze travelled over her mockingly.

‘uhmmm….fine thank you.’ Why did he look this calm after what they’d done?

‘I really have to go now Zainab, I promise to call you when I get home.’ She couldn’t look into his eyes.

Suddenly filled with shame over the way she’d writhed under him, the way she’d swallowed his kissed hungrily…

‘Where to? Don’t you enjoy staying with us?’ Abdul looked from his wife to her.

‘Darling, I told her the same thing but you know Lola can be very stubborn so let her be.’ Zainab smiled ruefully.

‘I’ll be going off to see Alhaji Tako, I’ll be back in the next one hour.’ He turned to Zee briefly.

‘What? Won’t you have breakfast? You still have time, I hate it when you go out hungry.’ She whined but it sounded sweet to his ears.

‘No dear, this contract is a big one, breakfast can wait. I’ll  eat lunch.’ He pulled her closer to him like she was the only valuable thing he possessed.

Lola avoided looking at them, his actions made her feel more guilty.

‘Goodluck baby, God be with you.’ She patted his cheeks as he released her.

‘I can drop you Lola, I think we’re going the same way,’ he looked directly into her eyes.

‘That’s a good idea baby. You should go with him, Lola. See you two later.’ Zainab waved them off before Lola could have another chance to complain.


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