Tales Of Love, Lies And Divorce – Chapter 14

‘Oops she’s out.’ Amaka settled on the veranda with the others waiting for Zee’s return. Silence hung like a spell over them, each to their own thought.

‘Excuse me, let me get this….’ Edima wondered who was calling, the number was strange but she picked anyway, she could do anything to distract herself from what Lola had told her.

‘And there she goes….’ Amaka sighed and smiled as her friend walked away. She dipped her hand in her bag and fetched her phone, Sly hadn’t returned her messages or her calls. This was going to be a tough one.

And neither did she have Ben’s number… She was stuck.

‘Be strong for this….’ Femi rubbed her shoulders. He was glad she’d made up her mind to confess, that made him like her more.

‘Thanks Femi…’ she smiled ruefully, waiting for the grenade to explode. She prayed she wouldn’t got completely burnt.

‘Hello, please who am I speaking with?’ the voice was strangely familiar but she didn’t want to be overly optimistic…could he be the one?

‘Good day Edima…it’s Omale Ibrahim…do you remember me?’ he asked.

‘Yes, yes I remember you…’ she paused not knowing what to say next, he’d called!

‘I know what June said to you and I am very sorry about the whole thing, I don’t know what came over her. I really have to see you so we can talk, get to know each other better…’ he was taking this to the next level.

‘Wow, I am very glad you called, thank you Omale…’ she grinned…

‘can we meet right now? I’m free, how about you?’ he was hoping they could hang out.

‘I am sorry Omale, but now is not a good time. But we could do it tomorrow or later tonight’ she suggested and hoped she was doing the right thing.

‘Tomorrow? I have surgeries tomorrow, let’s see in the evening….’ He was happy she was giving him this chance to know her.

‘Alright, I’m looking forwards to our meeting again.’ She bit her lip shyly, as if he were watching her.

‘it’s a date Edima, I’ve really missed you.’ his voice was husky with emotion.

‘Wow, I miss you too’ She got off the phone pretty excited by the turn of things.

One look at Lola’s swollen face caused her excitement to wane, this was going to be tough.

‘Why is she happy’? Amaka beckoned to her.

‘Omale called, we’re going on a date tonight….’ She was calm about it as Lola resumed sobbing. Just then, a car drove in….

That moment they’d all been waiting for had come.

You Are Reading: Love, Lies And Divorce – Episode 14

The drive had been long and uncomfortable for Abdul, his heart beat faster than normal and he prayed Farida hadn’t done anything stupid, he was going to end her.

‘What is going on here?’ Zainab stormed angrily from the car and regarded her friends.

‘Welcome Zee….’ Amaka was the first to speak.

‘You, you cheap whore! You were going out with my husband,’ she flung the pictures at Lola angrily.

‘Zainab, please this all happened because I neglected her.’ Femi came to her rescue but Lola had already started crying as she saw the pictures.

‘You slept with Abdul. I trusted you Lola, how could you do this to me?’

Abdul watched as his wife yelled angrily. He felt relieved, at least Farida hadn’t exposed him, he could wriggle out of this one.

‘I think we should stay out of this….’ Edima suggested to Amaka.

‘I am sorry, it was a mistake, it was never supposed to happen.’ Lola shivered. Without warning, Zainab’s bony hands fell on her cheeks.

‘How dare you slap my wife?’ Femi roared. Why was she channeling all her anger at Lola? Abdul deserved some too.

‘Your wife was the one who seduced me. Zainab I swear, she seduced me.’ Abdul marched forward to defend himself.

‘You know what? I want you all out of my house, I cease being friends with you Lola, in this life and in the next, you remain my enemy. Get out!’ She broke down in tears.

‘Zainab look at me, it’s going to be okay.’ Edima rushed to her side while Amaka left with Lola and Femi.

‘Zee, please don’t listen to Lola, she was the one that came to me.’ Abdul insisted.

‘Really Abdul? Your wife is hurt, what you’re doing isn’t helping’ Edima looked up at him.

‘I trusted her, she was just like family and she did this to me….’ Zainab sobbed uncontrollably.

‘I know but you have to try and forgive her. If Femi hadn’t neglected her, well I doubt this would’ve happened.

‘Is that her excuse for sleeping with my husband?’ This pain was worse that Farida’s pregnancy; this pain was dealt her from her best friend’s blade, it would take a long time to heal.

‘It’s not an excuse. Zainab I am so sorry, I wish I could take away your pain.’ Edima rubbed her shoulders.

‘Abdul?’ She called him gently as she had no strength left in her.

‘Zee I am sorry, please forgive me,’ he went on his knees.

‘You lied to me Abdul, you bought my trust and sold it. I loved you, I gave you everything you ever wanted and you had to go sleep with my best friend. How could you Abdul?’ She was hurt beyond repair.

‘I am sorry Zee….’ He had no words to say asides that.

‘I am getting a divorce. Our marriage is built on lies, you’re the worst man on earth Abdul, I detest you so much’ She rose to her feet.

‘Divorce? No Zee, you can work things out.’ Edima was shocked.

‘No, please don’t say that Zee…’ his heart sank as she watched those angelic eyes cry. If Zainab left him, he would die a miserable man.

‘You got Farida pregnant yet you keep lying to my face!’ She shook her head in disbelief.

‘Is this true?’ Edima was stunned…

He didn’t speak, tears welled up in his eyes as he realized what would happen to him, he’d lost Zainab forever.

‘I gave you all Abdul, I gave you everything I had; my love, my trust and you threw them to the dogs. Get your lawyers, we are done.’ she wiped her face and hurried into the house.

‘Help me beg her….’ He called out to Edima.

He couldn’t live without Zainab, he’d let his lust get the better part of him and he was about to lose his only cherished treasure.

‘I don’t know Abdul… You’ll have to fix this one all by yourself.’ She replied.

You Are Reading: Love, Lies And Divorce – Episode 14

‘Are you sure we did the right thing by leaving’? Lola asked her husband….they’d dropped Amaka off at the house…

‘Yes, your friend had no right to hit you….why didn’t she do same to her husband’? Femi was infuriated …

‘I feel terrible Femi…I’ve ruined someone else’ marriage…would God ever forgive me’? tears poured from her eyes…

‘Lola, I told you to be prepared for this….you have to be strong….you’ve done your part…you cried…you begged her…just let her be…she’s hurt…when she recovers, it’s left for her to be happy again…’ Femi pulled her closer for a hug….

‘Did you see those pictures? I wonder who took them’ Femi wondered…had Zainab known about their affair all along? Had she paid someone to follow Lola and Abdul?

‘I brought them back…’ she sniffled….

‘Alright, I’ll burn them…you need to forgive yourself too Lola…’ he released her.

‘Yes, I’ll try…’ She wrapped her hands round him.


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