Huacachina Peru Travel Guide Tour-Safety tips and Attractions


Huacachina is a small desert city in Peru surrounded by sand dunes and some of the driest climate in the world. With a laguna and palm trees in the center of it, this little city is a true desert oasis that is quite the attraction for travelers and backpackers.

If you are planning a trip to Peru, it’s well worth to spend a few days in Huacachina enjoying the warm desert breeze and fun adventurous activities.

Here is our travel guide to visiting Huacachina including what to do, where to stay, eat and more.

Things To Do In Huacachina

Go On A Sand Buggy Tour

A sand buggy tour is hands down the best activity to do in Huacachina. It’s an adrenaline packed tour riding in a buggy car up and down giant sand dunes at high speeds.The sand buggy tours in Huacachina start at 7 am and end when the sun goes down around 6 pm. The tour companies and local guides offering sand dune rides are located all over town

Hike A Sand Dune For Sunset

While staying in Huacachina, hiking a sand dune for sunset is a must. The best sand dune viewpoint is located right where the sand buggy tours start. Just past the water tower, there is a narrow path leading up a giant sand dune that provides amazing views of the Huacachina city below.This tall sand dune is also one of the best spots to photograph the Huacachina Oasis below. We were happy we brought with us our Rokinon wide lens with our Sony camera to capture the entire sand dune. A wide lens is perfect for capturing epic landscape and nature shots.

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Go Sand Boarding

If you got a little taste of sand boarding on the dune buggy tour and just can’t get enough, Hotel Silva House offers sand board specific tours that will take you to 4 different sand boarding locations for 150 soles per person ($50 USD).If you’re looking for a cheaper DIY deal, they also offer sand board rentals for 35 soles (around $10 USD). After all, there are sand dunes that you can hike and board down all around Huacachina in every direction you look.

Hit Up A Party

The hostels in Huacachina are notorious for their wild parties and luckily they also offer free entrances to their pool parties and clubs. We spent an entire day hanging out at Wild Rover’s pool party that turned into a club at night. I can’t remember last time I had so much fun at a bar as we did at Wild Rover. It’s just a good time filled with lots of energy and dancing.

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Visit Tacama Winery

Tacama winery, just a 30-minute ride from Huachina, is one of the oldest vineyards in South America and it’s still going strong selling a variety of wines and Pisco liquors made of 23 types of grapes.

Fly Over Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are large ancient drawings in the desert landscape 2 hours south of Huacachina. These drawings, made of different geometrical shapes and figures often resembling animals, were created 500 BC and now are a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mystery revolving around the origins and purpose of these historical drawings have turned it one of the most popular day tours from Huacachina.

Where To Eat & Drink

Pizza At Wild Olive Restaurant

We have been experimenting with pizza abroad for a while now. It’s usually a hit or miss (in most cases a miss), but the pizza at Wild Olive restaurant was simply delicious.

We had pretty low expectations when we saw that we had to pick our own ingredients in a build-your-own-pizza style but we totally loved how it came out. The ingredients really complimented each other well, the bread dough was soft and fluffy and overall it was one of the best pizza’s we’ve had in a while. And the bonus was a beautiful view of the Huacachina laguna with a warm breeze to cool off from the heat.

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Top Hostels In Huacachina:

If you’re looking for a fun party hostel with a young college crowd, the Wild Rover is the best spot to stay at for a good time. Know for a fun atmosphere and a lively bar mimicking that of a spring break in Mexico, during the day this hostel hosts fun pool parties and at night it turns into a club. This is the hostel where you can take shots at noon or lounge by the pool sipping Coronas and nobody will judge you.
For a more chill vibe, check out Banana’s Adventure Hostel. This hostel has a laid-back atmosphere catering towards travelers and couples in their late 20’s and early 30’s that still want to get a good deal but also care about getting a good nights sleep (at least for a few hours).


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