Donald Trump Scholarship Application to Study in the USA

Donald Trump Scholarship Application to Study in the USA

Donald Trump’s scholarship application is open to all Africans below the age of thirty-five (35). Thus, the Donald Trump scholarship application was approved by the current USA president Donald Trump for Africans. The sole purpose of this scholarship program was to help young African students who are eager for standard education but limited by resources. Hence, with the knowledge that Africa has a lot of determined and talented brains seeking assistance to advance it for the Motherland Africa. Also, this is an initiative of the Union of Africa Americans in the United States. As part of a special contribution to the development of the human resources of the Motherland.

Thus, with this motive, to improve and develop Africa, the prestigious president of the United States signed the USA scholarship for Africans. Hence, the Donald Trump scholarship application is open to African students intending to study either an undergraduate or postgraduate course in the United State. The Donald Trump scholarship application is purely awarded on the basis of merit.

Therefore, one of the prerequisites for the applicants to check in oneself is the strong avidity for education or intellectual pursuit. In other words, to be among one of the winners of the Donal Trump scholarship application, you have to meet the necessary requirement.
Applicants will provide sufficient sound academic background and necessary information where verifications can be made. Any African intending to apply for this scholarship program should hurry up. Because irrespective of the stipulated deadline for the scholarship, one the number of applicants reaches 5,500. The Donald Trump Scholarship application portal will automatically close.

Benefits of Donald Trump Scholarship:

  • The scholarship application will cover the full tuition rate of any route the winners intend to study. This advantage will run at some stage in the program of the study.
  • All pupils of the program will acquire a every year allowance of US$3,000 for welfare.
  • Winners can be assisted to easily get Visa from their u . S . A . to come to the US. The Visa will remaining via the length of this system.
  • Upon request, the winners may be helped to stable a part-time task to useful resource them to get an extra income even as going to school.
  • A free airfare is going and returns tickets for winners on an economy class.
  • A unique and coffee rated hostel charge is reserved for winners to stay in.

Eligible Countries:
Only candidates from African international locations are eligible for this software. Thus, this scholarship program is not open to US residents or any person that has studied within the United State.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Intending applicant should be beneath the age of thirty-five.
  • Must be making use of for an undergraduate or postgraduate software
  • Must be a citizen of an African united states that has no longer studied overseas earlier than.
  • Postgraduate applicants that have underneath second class decrease division aren’t eligible to apply.
  • All entries must be made on time before the application deadline. Also while the application gets to 5,500 entries no extra entries may be accepted.

    Institutions Winners Can select for their Program:
    Some establishments have been set aside for winners to adopt their programs. These establishments were selected out in particular for this scholarship program from the purpose for the scholarship. To provide great and feasible training for colourful African blood. These 14 universities are well known for his or her educational excellence and first-rate studies and teaching materials. Hence, under are the list of organization winners of the scholarship software can choose from to run their educational program;

  • Florida state university located in Tallahassee, Florida, Georgia
  • The University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia
  • The University of Houston located in Houston, Texas
  • Howard University in Washington D.C.
  • The University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky
  • The University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland
  • The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • California State University in California
  • The Texas University of Technology in Lubbock, Texas
  • The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • The University of Miami in Oxford, Ohio
  • The University of Hawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • The University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada

How to Apply:
To successfully apply for the Donald Trump scholarship application kindly follow the steps below;

Intending applicants are expected to fill the entry form on the scholarship portal
A clear recent passport photograph is to be uploaded by applicants.
Applicants going for an undergraduate program should input an O/level exam result, including English Language, Mathematics and any other relevant subjects. Applicants with two sittings can apply. While Postgraduate applicants are to fill an additional field. Requesting for their first-degree program or HND
Upload your O/level result and any other document that will aid faster verification.
All applicants are required to upload a one-page description of their background. Stating in it why they should be considered for the scholarship program.
How to Make Payment:
Payment for the entry form is made online via the scholarship application portal. Thus, the are made through semi cash. Follow the link below see how to easily make payment for the entry form.



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