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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke at the W.I.S (Women International Summit) in Montreal, earlier this week where he mentioned that Canada’s policies on immigration are the reasons why it is attracting business ventures as compared to the United States. He also added that Canada is open to immigration has enabled it as a state to acquire top brilliant minds, educated, determined, intelligent and diverse individuals.

This is one huge step to development that the United States cannot match anytime soon. The event which brought together influential women CEOs, entrepreneurs and senior representatives of the government of Canada provided Trudeau an opportunity to explain how immigrants have led to the success of the nation from generation to generation. “We are positively inclined towards immigration, the immigrants in our country make up one percent of our entire population every year because we as Canadians have embraced the system.” He stressed. The process of immigration is taken seriously and with caution having rules and controlled execution of plans. The Liberal government of Canada revealed the new immigration levels plan the previous week. The unveiling of this was meant to see admissions of new permanent residents through the economic, refugee and humanitarian programs aimed to be effective by 2021.

Of the 350,000 immigrants that Canada is preparing to welcome in 2021, approximately 60 percent are to arrive through the economic immigration program in place. Most of these economic immigrants are scheduled to come through the Federal High Skilled immigration program in Canada and its Provincial Nominee Program.

The United States Risks Falling Behind in the Global Competition for Labor.

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